Humidity and Mold always under control

pavimento in piastrelle con goccioline di umidità
It is of great relevance to prevent the formation of mold and humidity, these are dangerous not only for the welfare of the people, but also for the buildings and the equipment.
Excessive humidity promotes the formation of condensation and dripping which will inevitably cause costly damages to the equipment, the deterioration of the goods stored and the premature deterioration of the structures and buildings themselves.
Moist walls means humid environment, that is unhealthy. An ideal environment for mold growth and some dangerous fungi, such as “dry rot” which destroys woods (beams, paneling, flooring etc.). The water that evaporates from the walls or floors, moving in the atmosphere of the buildings, creates very high levels of relative humidity and results in absolutely harmful environmental hygienic conditions for people who live or work, especially for those suffering from respiratory problems and arthritis.
Furthermore, the damp walls create thermal insulation problems: a wet wall in comparison to a dry wall, loses 30 to 50% of its insulating power, because of this heat loss, it is necessary to spend more energy and increase the cost to adequately warm the place.
pavimento in piastrelle asciutto senza goccioline di umidità
A constant control and handling of the environmental air, maintained at a temperature close to the one desired, without an excessive humidity feared by Doctors and Technicians, is what you will get with the “easy” installation of Pionair Automated Systems of Destratification, an excellent solution for the protection of Health, Welfare and Productivity of people as well as to the preservation of structures and investments,