Is it too hot even with the air conditioning?

Condition of extreme discomfort

disegno di situazione di estremo disagio
During the hot summer, the particular conformation of the industrial warehouse and of the large commercial areas causes the progressive stratification in the lower part of humidity rich air.
The stratification frequently generates microclimates where the perceived temperatures can reach values higher than those humanly acceptable.
These conditions of extreme discomfort make deeply uncertain safety and yield of the workers.

Condition of comfort

The Pionathe situation of comfort designir Solutions have been also designed to be used as powerful fans / coolers. In fact, taking advantage of the Evaporative Principle, the air column produced by the blades’ rotation generates an effect of active dehumidification, realizing a cheap and effective natural air conditioning.
The ambient temperature does not suffer any direct changes but the relative humidity decrease, together with the air generated by Destrafan, produce a strong sensation of cool on the skin through the natural perspiration induced by the ventilation.

Cheaper conditioning system

Edisegno mano ch e regola la temperaturaven in locations with active conditioning systems, the use of Destrafan solutions are extremely convenient; the combination of traditional conditioning, dehumidifying effect and perfect mixing of various thermic layers, enables a cheaper management of the air conditioning.
 Also in the presence of a minimum air speed, the perception of heat is diminished in the average of 4°C than the measured temperature, with obvious energy savings due to the possibility to set the start of conditioning system at higher temperatures.
The ambient temperature does not suffer any direct changes but the decrease of relative humidity, together with the air coming from Destrafan, produces a strong cool feeling on the skin thanks to natural perspiration induced by the ventilation itself.

In summary, EVEN IN SUMMER,
Pionair Systems can affect the working areas
increasing the perceived welfare and
consequently the comfort, safety and productivity.

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