Destratification: laboratory test

The data below summarize the contents of laboratory tests, carried out and certified by the study group of Dr. Fabio Bozzoli, “Parma University Department of Industrial Engineering. The performance of two six-bladed Destrafan 6000 fans manufactured by the Arienti Paul & Co, located in a1000 square meter mechanical workshop were measured, in order to break up the air stratification promoting a complete mixing of the air. To this end, 8 thermocouples were used that were arranged respectively at 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 meters from the ground.
Chart with Destrafan 6000 not working

It can be seen that, in the absence of the fans operating, a well-defined stratification layer is built up in the industrial shed, characterized by a maximum temperature difference between the upper area and lower area of 14 ° C

 Chart with Destrafan 6000 working

The figure shows a sudden change at the end of the first minute of measurement: the effect of air remixing becomes significant breaking up the air stratification in a very short time and rendering the temperatures uniform throughout the height of the industrial shed.

Energy Savings -Thermal Comfort

ARPA Lombardia (Regional Agency for Environmental Protection of Lombardy) data was considered relating to the area of Soncino (CR) (the town where the industrial shed being studied is located) for the year 2014 in order to calculate the savings in terms of energy associated with the use of the Destrafan fans by Arienti & Co. A transmittance of the walls and roof respectively 2W/m2K and 3W/m2K was considered and a Comfort temperature for the workers of 20 ° C ….
The costs related to heating in the presence or absence of Destrafan fans are as follows.
chart of costs and productivity with or without Fan
annual savings chart of heating costs
The Pionair Systems base their operation on the recovery of the hot air that being lighter than cold air, tends to rise and to accumulate unnecessarily in the upper part of the structures. Putting the stagnant hot air back into circulation, by pushing it forcibly downwards, makes it possible to gain great Environmental and Energy Advantages, consequently Savings.
signatures of Dr. Fabio cocoons and Dr. Luca Catani and the stamp of Parma University