PionAir Innovation

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Patented blades design
The unique and patented airfoil of the blades – studied and certified with and from the DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICS OF THE POLITECNICO OF MILAN – allows the generation of an air flow rates range between 12,000 m3/h and 529.000m3/h, which has no rivals on market.
The Large Air Flows, moved at very low speed, the wide area covered by each unit, and the Completely Automated Management, allow Pionair Solution to easily adapt to different thermal / environmental situations to deal with and solve.
Handling solutions
Due to the high quality of the selected engines, in the case of three-phase, and designed, in the case of those with permanent magnets (brushless), together with minimal friction due to the particular shape of the blades, we can safely say that our ventilation systems are equipped with the latest generation engines and that are more reliable, less noisy and more efficient than the most products on the market.
Mounting and fastening system
The procedures and the components of the fastening systems have been studied and designed to anchor DestraFan in an absolutely safe conditions and are designed to suit different types of ceilings. The wide range of available berths ensures great flexibility of application, always ensuring the best yield of the solutions.
APS normalRegulation and control
The functions of setting, adjustment and monitoring of PionAir fans can be performed on-premise locally via the Modular Control APS device, available with Illuminated Display and “Touch Screen”, or, with an Internet connection, remotely via smartphone, tablet or computer. The installation of the control system does not require any manipulation of the pre-existing electrical panel.
APS Plus“Intelligent” management platform
The control and management platform APS enables “intelligent” coordinated and integrated operations of different Destrafans, each fan can operates and be programmed independently and autonomously from the others. This Innovative Technology allowed to maximize the energy performance of heating systems and conditioning, to receive and process the signals sent from various detection sensors (eg. smoke, humidity, etc.) and to interpret the most complex functions of equipped in the buildings.